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I am already an E-ZPass/TollTag Customer. What’s my advantage to switch to TollPays?

a) First, since TollPays relies on a two-ways communication device, the services you are going to get from the app are far greater than what you would ever receive from a transponder technology, such as your account balance, the status of your potential violations, the upcoming fares when you are approaching bridges and tunnels, or any fare changes. All these, at the tip of your finger and in real time;

b) Second, TollPays is directly linked to your credit card, so there is no need to upload a certain credit into your account. It is a pay-as-you-go business model;

c) Then, in case you have several cars, no need to switch the transponder from car to car. No risk to ‘forget it’ in your other cars;

d) And last, for the 1st time-users, there is no need to acquire any transponder.

Do I have to ‘activate’ TollPays each time I am in the car?

Yes. All you need to do it to turn of the conveniently located tracking button on the app’s home page either manually or via (Voice Command) by saying "Turn On Tracking".

How to avoid manipulating my phone while driving?

Once the tracking feature is “On”, the app will interact with the approaching Toll Plaza's automatically to Pay Toll Fares.

What if my husband and I are in the car at the same time?

Will we be charged twice? Do I have to disconnect from the App?

You will just have to pair your TollPays app. Through this feature, more than one TollPays app can be running in the same vehicle. Once pairing is established, the driver will be the only one to use the TollPays tracking feature, assuring that there is no double billing. There is no need to turn off anybody’s TollPays app.

Note: Pairing is used to share rides as well as when traveling in HOV lanes (see below).

How to share a ride? If we are 3 TollPays customers in the same car for a ride, what do we have to do?

Just after the passengers are offered to pair with the driver, TollPays gives the option to: a) split the fare in one click, or b) link the user as occupant of the vehicle, in the event you are traveling into HOV Lanes. Thus, the Toll Plaza will automatically detect how many people are in the car and charge accordingly.

What happens if my phone is switched off, even though I am registered on TollPays?

In this case, you will be charged TBM (Toll-By-Mail). Since TollPays acts as a Toll Payment Manager, any TBM bill will be directly paid by TollPays on behalf of its active clients (aka registered on TollPays and with credit card that clears pre-authorization without drawing cash). Thus, you don’t risk any violation penalties for delays in paying your TBM invoice.

When I sign on, do I have to register the license plate of my car?


I am leaving out of State. I rent a car. How can I use TollPays?

Thanks to the app, payments of tolls are not attached only to your car through its transponder anymore, but to the couple license plate/person, thanks to your smartphone. Therefore, if you rent a car, or use the car of a friend/parent, you just need to link your TollPays account to the license plate of the car you are going to rent, thus acknowledging responsibility of payment of all Toll Fares during your rental period.

What happens if I don’t have any smartphone?

77% of Americans own a smartphone, with 92% among 18-29 year olds. If you are part of these 23% without this technology, TBM will apply.

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